Hello, my name is Michele O’Dell. And, the first question would be what is the thing that I love most about living here in Japan. For me, it’s just an opportunity to explore of band new country that so beautiful has so much culture so much history, and ask the people are just very very nice everybody willing to help everybody it’s just so good to us here. And, the second question would be what is the message I have for prospected students who are looking to learn English. I would say just do it. La guardia English school will pair you with an American teacher that is very passionate about what they do, so you get to come into our home and you get to experience the American lifestyle with that. We also have different activities on base that we do that we are able to incorporate you with. So, that’s it. Thank you.



埼玉県:入間、狭山、飯能、所沢、日高、鶴ヶ島、川越、坂戸 etc