Conversational English Teacher Wanted

La guardia English school is one of the most popular English schools in Fussa.
We have been doing it over 30 years.

Our school system is…

You have classes at your house on base, but you can sometimes take them to the other place like the BX, Yujo community center, library…

All of our students are female, so they prefer female teachers as well.

1 class has 2 students. They come 4 times a month, same day and time.
1 lesson is 90 minutes, and payment is 3800 Yen

Most of the students work or are students (over 16 years old), so will have class in the evening. (around 17 to 19:30)
But we also have morning and daytime students.

・Down to earth
・No experience necessary

If you are interested, please contact us.





埼玉県:入間、狭山、飯能、所沢、日高、鶴ヶ島、川越、坂戸 etc